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A qualified Project Manager is…

A qualified Project Manager is a multi-disciplinary team leader responsible for the project process and its success.  As your advisor – he/she may be intimately involved with many important aspects of the project that A/E firms do not include in their service offerings. For example, budget management is generally not offered by design firms.  The design rules – it’s up to the owner/client to figure out how to pay for it.  Reliant’s team includes working with the Board of Directors to explore financing options, which could include using reserve funds, litigation settlement funds, special assessments, bank financing, or a combination of some or all of the above.

Construction + Community

The practice of construction project management and the profession of the community management have both been evolving for over three decades.  Likewise, many advances have been made in construction practices and in the creation of new and better materials.  Working together, these developments offer great opportunities to provide better solutions to a community’s needs.  And like the improvements in products over the years, project management has grown to be an important component to any successful construction project.

A professional project management team employs value engineering, construction strategies and expediting as part of their procedures to analyze, design, plan and budget the resolution of the community’s issues.  The construction manager’s typical duties include proposal preparation, contractor prequalification, and oversight of bidding, contract award and cost control.