Water Loss Request Confirmation – HOA Specific

Dear Property Manager:

Thank you for notifying Reliant of the water loss event. Please be assured that one of our managers is presently being assigned to the project and that s/he will be following up with you directly. Please be certain to notify your Board of the event using the below notification language. Thank you.





Please be advised that a water loss event has been reported at _______________ and that a Reliant representative has been assigned to address/resolve the issue; s/he will update you as information becomes available.

Please be further advised that water loss events fall outside of our regular management contract and that the supplemental fees, noted in our rate sheet, will be applied. All associated costs, such as dry-down and remediation services will be paid through the Association’s operating account under the Emergency Repair and Maintenance. We will seek reimbursement of these costs from one of the following (depending on the loss source and responsibility): HOA insurance, Homeowner insurance, the HOA reserves or Homeowner bill back.

Thank you.